Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fashionable Black Pea Coats For Men

While there are many styles, colors, patterns and fabrics of pea coats to shop for, most men who want something that will knock two birds with 1 stone, work and play, just want simplicity and style. The luxury look of black clothes is the long known secret of fashion gurus. Creative ways to wear a black coat are many. One might change the look of his whole outfit simply buy his choice of tie or scarf or the length of the coat. Wearing pea coats with long length are elegant and can be worn sort of as an overcoat. Short or mid-length pea coats are also great choices that are also a staple in mens fashion and looks quite neat even when wearing it with jeans. Most pea coats found in local stores and shopping malls are very similar in look and cut, however pea coats from select online stores offer various fits from slim fit, to pea coats for taller guys who require more length. Fashion pea coats that are black are a popular choice and some have zippers just to enhance the style as well as leather trims and fur collars. Here are some of the most fashionable black pea coats for men.

Slim Fit Korean Style Pea Coat In Black From PerfectPeaCoat.Com

Korean fashion mens pea coat in Black

Style: Casual

The casual style of this coat with it's slim fit and metallic buttons are just one reason why you will be one attractive guy this Saturday evening! The length isn't too long and it has a very clean look. The two convenient side pockets really make the coat even more useful and can act as an overcoat with a sweater underneath for a more casual, approachable look.

London Style Double Breasted Black Pea Coat From PerfectPeaCoat.Com

Fashionable double breasted pea coat London Style for Men with lapel collar

Style: Professional and Casual

London has been revered as a mens fashion hub for decades and now we can see why. The black London style pea coat is macho and gentle but very professional. This is the kind of coat that will really get you authority and fans in the work place or out at a party. The double breasted style with its fancy buttons and lapel collar designs are just a few of the gems featured in this jacket from
Black London style Wool Pea Coat For Men With Lapel Collar from
Whether worn with dress pants or denim jeans, this pea coat always keeps its promise of classiness and style!

Basic Epaulette Pea Coat In Black

PefectPeaCoat.Com Basic Epaulette Pea Coat In Black

Style: Professional Fashion

With the epaulettes on the shoulders of this pea coat, it is traditional, professional and fashionable. The length is less reserved and short for a savvy appearance and belongs to the guy "who knows what he is doing". This trendy coat features various pockets and is really great for the cold weather with its wool-blend.

Wool Blend Fashion Pea Coat

Wool Blend Black Fashion pea Coat

Style: Professional

Professionalism is key with this coat and that is exactly why it is a top pick for the black pea coat selection. It is soft and open-minded with side pockets and a trendy slim fit.

Pea coats in black are timeless and professional. Men fashion gurus say that wearing black clothes make you stylish instantly. We say go for the look, because these selections simply win!

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