Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pea Coats That You Can Wear Everyday

Not every coat is suitable for daily use. Some are more formal than others, and some are just not casual enough to wear regularly. Pea coats are very flexible garments are great for any guy who is casual and style conscious or a professional who likes to keep a clean look. The key to the perfect balance of clothing is to have outfits that can be worn everyday. Here are a few selections of our top pea coat picks that have stood the test of time in the style and casual menswear department:

Wool Black Fashion Pea Coat

Navy Blue Trendy Style Wool Mens Pea Coat

Double Breasted Black Fashion Wool Pea Coat For Men

Burgundy/ Dark Red Pea Coat Thick Wool

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Best Pea Coats For Hipster Guys

For men who enjoy a casual outfit, the hipster look is a great way to appear laid back and in style.Whether winter, spring, summer, or fall, the thickness of your jacket may change but your style remains the same! One of the most effective ways to jazz up a style is by wearing trendy pea coats. Some great picks from mens pea coat fashion clothes store include styles that are in tune with the latest fashion trends and best of all, they are very affordable. Some of the best and most recommended pea coats for hipster guys include Slim fit grey pea coats, double breasted plaid styles, herringbone pea coats, the long wool 2-tone, the basic black wool pea coat, and the navy blue pea coat.

Shopping the trend: Low Prices Online

Classy Slim Fit Mens Pea Coat Grey

This classy, slim fit style just screams elegance with it's well defined tailoring, double breasted buttons, and side pockets. Just as most pea coats, this style is wool and great for any casual event such as going out, a night out with friends, or simply lunch with a pal. Shop this look at

Double-Breasted Plaid Wool Pea Coat

The timeless shade of this plaid pea coat is really modern and perfect for guys who enjoy embracing their personality. This is a great coat to go out with friends and also receive many compliments at the same time.Shop this look at

Herringbone Pea Coat Wool

Herringbone pea coats are popular for a reason. Versatility. The Herringbone pattern is a classic pattern that has stood the test of time and continues to be a fashion favorite for men. Shop this look at

Long Wool Mens Fashion Pea Coat 2-tone

Boasting leather sleeves and a sleek black design, this wool pea coat is every man's best friend. Stylish, loyal, and smooth is this coat! Shop this look at

Black Cotton Wool Blend Pea Coat

Whether you live in a city or not, it's always a great idea to look outgoing when out and about. This black modern pea coat is great and shows scarfs very well. This coat is very affordable and checks in under $70. Shop this look at

Navy Blue Mens Wool Double Breasted Pea Coat

Look charming in this navy blue pea coat that is warm, fashionable and has everything needed to be in style in the cold weather. Shop this look at

Being hip and trendy is not as complicated as most people make it. Simply go with something that looks like it would receive compliments and most times it certainly will. Also, be sure to shop your own unique style that suits your personality!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pea Coat Perfection: The Best Men's Pea Coat-to-Shoes Outfit Matches

For many men who lead busy lives, making fashion choices can just add to the already overwhelmed daily task list. To make things easier we've compiled some trending ideas of menswear pea coats and shoes. Some sneakers, shoes, and even sandals will really compliment any outfit that includes pea coats for men depending on the style. Though there are tons of different types and colorways of shoes, there is a perfectly matching pea coat for every pair! Men Fashion stylists have gone around the world and back to report some of the most popular matching outfits for us to bring to you. Depending on your current footwear wardrobe, you should always go with the coat that suits your particular style. Based on many popular peacoat selections from stores like, Jcrew, and, here are some fashion ideas for men:
Black Wool Pea Coats

Matching Shoe Style: Black Regular Shoes & Boots

Green/Colorful Pea Coats

Matching Shoe Style: Brown Oxford Shoes

Grey Pea Coats

Matching Shoe Style: White Sneakers

With the select pea coat styles, many different shoes can be confisently worn regularly! Sneakers and pea coats for men are some of the best outfit essentials to pair together.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Men Pea Coats Under $99

Who doesn't like a deal? There are so many pea coats to choose from online but just a select few can really be deemed "under $99 and on sale". In fact, it is understandable that some pea coats under $99 would be hard to come by, given the high quality of most pea coats. In order to understand why pea coats are so popular, we have to take a look at history. Pea coats were famed by the US navy as a formal way to appear neat and match perfectly with their formal attire, as well as for sergeants to wear badges on. Even these days, fashion conscious shoppers enjoy wearing the epaulette on the shoulders of the pea coats because it indeed gives some uniformity and professionalism to the jacket overall. These days, most men who wear pea coats opt for the more casual styles because these styles can be worn out and about without looking "out of place". Some types of pea coats that you might want to consider are double-breasted black pea coats, deep grey pea coats, solid color pea coats, and modern grey colored pea coats. These are all styles that have really stood the test of time and continue to be very popular with male fashion shoppers.

Double Breasted Black Wool Pea Coat

This pea coat is popular because it has enough features to be deemed "stylish" and modern but still is reserved for the classic gentlemen. This style has a very high-end look and is great for business or casual events like casually going out, parties, meetings, or everyday work.Cost: $68.99 at MensPeaCoatHouse

Beige Solid Color Cotton-Wool Blend Men's Pea Coat

This beige fashionable pea coat is upscale, warm, and perfect for the guy who likes to be noticed. With this charming jacket and its traditional, timeless color, fashion is in the hands of the wearer! Boasting a slim-fit cut and epaulettes at the shoulders, this pea coat is perfect as an everyday jacket or for special events.Cost: $68.49 at MensPeaCoatHouse

Wool Pea Coat with Black/White Patterns

This pea coat is makes a statement of its own with the black/white mini-striped pattern similar to herringbone pea coats. The adjustable waist belt makes this coat a blend between a trench coat and a pea coat. This style will give any guy a fresh, outgoing look and can be worn anywhere.Cost: $95 at MensPeaCoatHouse

Throw in a black hoodie to wear inside and you're officially the most fashionable guy in town!
There are many mens pea coat styles available that are both affordable and very fashionable for men. Depending on your style, you may opt for what best suits you. In our next update, we will be giving tips on how to choose the best pea coat based on your current shoe collection. Because who doesn't want to match their footwear with their outerwear? We say it's a brilliant idea indeed!

Mens Pea Coats Vs Trench Coats - The Ultimate Showdown

The simple fact that black color clothes match perfectly well with everything and most pea coats are black, pea coats are always a go-to choice for most men on the go. Shopping for the right coat can be a long process in fact, because it's the one item that everyone will mostly see you in everyday for a while. Perhaps, we can say that a man's outerwear is his "uniform" in a sense for at least the winter months. But no reason for the gloom! Pea coats are just as fancy as any other elegant fashion clothing or jacket. Just take a look at the selections at and you'll see the wide range of fancy and elegant styles of pea coats lined up (they are rather affordable too!)!

Did You Know... That pea coats are available as both single and double-breasted?

Pea coats can be 2-tone designed (ie. leather on the sleeves and wool on the other parts) as they come in all kinds of hues, patterns and shades, from grey to plaid, brown, to beige and so forth. The flexibility of this particular coat is the reason why it's been favored for eons.

Speaking of flexibility...

We've all seen the beige trench coat. it's material is so high quality that despite it's thin fabric, somehow it keeps us warm and of course, in style. trench coats are hard to refuse because they are long (often knee-length) and they just fit perfectly with the adjustable weight belt that's often included. Brand name (Burberry?) or no brand name, trench coats will always be a classic.

The votes are in...drum rolls please...

Pea Coats have it here as they are great for casual and professional lifestyles, warm, wool, and elegant. The flexibility simply wins hands down. How can anyone refuse?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pea Coat Sales Online - Shop the Sale On The Best Styles

Pea coats are trendy, casual, and neat coats that just look elegant and are really warm.

Top Cheap Pea Coats For Men

Here are some of the most popular men's pea coats that can be bought for cheap online.
Grey Double Breasted Pea Coat
Bright Pea Coat
Thick Wool Pea Coat

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pea Coat: Black Wool Pea Coat With Fur Collar

Highly Recommended: Black Wool Mens Pea Coat

Shop This Look Here
With a charming casual look, this single-breasted wool pea coat with sheep skin leather is like no other. This pea coat design is even more stylish than the top designer brands. Great for casual attire and can go great with jeans or slacks. Multiple pockets and zippers are featured along with a fur collar. The nickname of this item is "Midnight Envy" and frankly, this is a pea coat to crave!

Things To Wear With A Black pea Coat

Though pea coats look great with any casual or business or dressy clothes, sticking to jeans will turn your look from good to spectacular and handsome. Jazz up your outfit even more with gloves, black shoes, and don't forget your favorite cologne!

Mens Pea Coat Sales - Which Is Best

With the holiday season right around the corner, now is the best time to catch deals on pea coats. The variety of different styles can really make it tough o decide with which choice to choose. First and foremost, in order to decide which pea coat style is best for you, you should first get an idea of your fashion style. Some people enjoy wearing business attire 99% of the time even on a casual outing, while other prefer a more relaxed and casual look. Whether you are in the aforementioned category or not, pea coats that are clean, hip, and professional can be worn to work and play. here are some pea coats that are on sale at the moment:

Grey Cotton-Wool Blend Modern Pea Coat

This pea coat is hip, modern, but still professional. This design boasts a double-breasted pea coat style and looks great with just about any scarf. Excellent for night outs, work, or just any casual outing.

Mocha Brown Luxury Mens Wool Pea Coat

With a mature and professional look, the mocha brown color is genuine and classic. With A luxury-like appeal, this coat is the perfect way to embrace a warm, and stylish season.

Navy Blue London Style Wool Pea Coat

This pea coat is all about fashion. This double-breasted navy blue pea coat sets the tone for a great day out and will surely get the wearer noticed.
These pea coats are among some of the best selects and are in tune with what is currently trending for mens fashion and can be purchased here.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Plaid Pea Coat: A Mix of Cool and Professional

Pea coats are the kinds of Jackets that are certainly gentlemen-like but just like all things, keeping a balanced approach works best. In this case, professionalism meets the cool modern guy. Enter plaid pea coat.

Most people are really biased toward plaid styles. But there just seems to be something about this particular style of jacket in plaid. With the multi-pockets embracing the "new cool" look, it's certainly a winner in style department.

The "Cool" Aspect

Some jackets naturally have a certain look and feel about them that makes you just buy it without taking into consideration the sizing or other essential details necessary to get the most out of it. Understandably, this jacket surely makes that habit apparent. The fact that plaid had traditionally been seen as preppy, and not really worn as an outerwear garment but a tie, goes to show how magnified the preppy nature has become in this style. The cut and rafting of this garment was made in a way that it's easygoing, simple, but still very appealing.

Professionalism at it's best

Meanwhile every other guy is wearing the traditional black jacket (not that there is anything wrong with that), not many can claim to be a multi-purpuose jacket the way the plaid pea coat can. It's length is truly amazing, not too long, not too short. Professionalism + Style = WIN!
Looking for a ay to make a splash in the cold and be cool and professional. Embrace plaid, and simply be satisfied!
NOTE: This is in no way disregarding the other pea coat styles but for the moment, plaid is professional and cool.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pea Coat: Double Breasted Pea Coats On The Cheap

New Pea Coats Are All The Rave
Seasons  can often change the  way clothes are worn.  From pea coats for men  to windbreakers in the spring, fashion comes in many different styles and colors. Make a dash with pea coats because it may present one with many opportunities. There are many  types of pea coats that have different "looks" and may help you look and feel your best and unleash your inner most "gentleman" with a touch of professionalism.

Navy  Blue Mens Pea Coat

The navy blue pea coat trend has emerged from the demands of the modern stylish worker. Long, wool, and double breasted are the features of this pea coat with it's evening out ambiance.

Thick Wool Double Breasted Pea Coat

The wool based pea coats are standard and can vary from thick wool to wool blends. The grey thick wool double-breasted men's pea coat is perfect for going out casually or even dining with friends.

2 Tone Pea Coats

Just like any other fashion garment, mens pea coats can be high-end and fancy too. The Long 2-tone pea coat is in a class of it's own and boasts a faux black leather against a black wool blend! This is the ultimate go-to pea coat for any casual outing.

Recommended resources

Grey Wool-Cotton Blend Mens pea Coat

Pea coats tend to look great no matter the color but this sleek grey style is an all time favorite!