Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Men Pea Coats Under $99

Who doesn't like a deal? There are so many pea coats to choose from online but just a select few can really be deemed "under $99 and on sale". In fact, it is understandable that some pea coats under $99 would be hard to come by, given the high quality of most pea coats. In order to understand why pea coats are so popular, we have to take a look at history. Pea coats were famed by the US navy as a formal way to appear neat and match perfectly with their formal attire, as well as for sergeants to wear badges on. Even these days, fashion conscious shoppers enjoy wearing the epaulette on the shoulders of the pea coats because it indeed gives some uniformity and professionalism to the jacket overall. These days, most men who wear pea coats opt for the more casual styles because these styles can be worn out and about without looking "out of place". Some types of pea coats that you might want to consider are double-breasted black pea coats, deep grey pea coats, solid color pea coats, and modern grey colored pea coats. These are all styles that have really stood the test of time and continue to be very popular with male fashion shoppers.

Double Breasted Black Wool Pea Coat

This pea coat is popular because it has enough features to be deemed "stylish" and modern but still is reserved for the classic gentlemen. This style has a very high-end look and is great for business or casual events like casually going out, parties, meetings, or everyday work.Cost: $68.99 at MensPeaCoatHouse

Beige Solid Color Cotton-Wool Blend Men's Pea Coat

This beige fashionable pea coat is upscale, warm, and perfect for the guy who likes to be noticed. With this charming jacket and its traditional, timeless color, fashion is in the hands of the wearer! Boasting a slim-fit cut and epaulettes at the shoulders, this pea coat is perfect as an everyday jacket or for special events.Cost: $68.49 at MensPeaCoatHouse

Wool Pea Coat with Black/White Patterns

This pea coat is makes a statement of its own with the black/white mini-striped pattern similar to herringbone pea coats. The adjustable waist belt makes this coat a blend between a trench coat and a pea coat. This style will give any guy a fresh, outgoing look and can be worn anywhere.Cost: $95 at MensPeaCoatHouse

Throw in a black hoodie to wear inside and you're officially the most fashionable guy in town!
There are many mens pea coat styles available that are both affordable and very fashionable for men. Depending on your style, you may opt for what best suits you. In our next update, we will be giving tips on how to choose the best pea coat based on your current shoe collection. Because who doesn't want to match their footwear with their outerwear? We say it's a brilliant idea indeed!

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