Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Mens Pea Coats Vs Trench Coats - The Ultimate Showdown

The simple fact that black color clothes match perfectly well with everything and most pea coats are black, pea coats are always a go-to choice for most men on the go. Shopping for the right coat can be a long process in fact, because it's the one item that everyone will mostly see you in everyday for a while. Perhaps, we can say that a man's outerwear is his "uniform" in a sense for at least the winter months. But no reason for the gloom! Pea coats are just as fancy as any other elegant fashion clothing or jacket. Just take a look at the selections at and you'll see the wide range of fancy and elegant styles of pea coats lined up (they are rather affordable too!)!

Did You Know... That pea coats are available as both single and double-breasted?

Pea coats can be 2-tone designed (ie. leather on the sleeves and wool on the other parts) as they come in all kinds of hues, patterns and shades, from grey to plaid, brown, to beige and so forth. The flexibility of this particular coat is the reason why it's been favored for eons.

Speaking of flexibility...

We've all seen the beige trench coat. it's material is so high quality that despite it's thin fabric, somehow it keeps us warm and of course, in style. trench coats are hard to refuse because they are long (often knee-length) and they just fit perfectly with the adjustable weight belt that's often included. Brand name (Burberry?) or no brand name, trench coats will always be a classic.

The votes are in...drum rolls please...

Pea Coats have it here as they are great for casual and professional lifestyles, warm, wool, and elegant. The flexibility simply wins hands down. How can anyone refuse?

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