Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Plaid Pea Coat: A Mix of Cool and Professional

Pea coats are the kinds of Jackets that are certainly gentlemen-like but just like all things, keeping a balanced approach works best. In this case, professionalism meets the cool modern guy. Enter plaid pea coat.

Most people are really biased toward plaid styles. But there just seems to be something about this particular style of jacket in plaid. With the multi-pockets embracing the "new cool" look, it's certainly a winner in style department.

The "Cool" Aspect

Some jackets naturally have a certain look and feel about them that makes you just buy it without taking into consideration the sizing or other essential details necessary to get the most out of it. Understandably, this jacket surely makes that habit apparent. The fact that plaid had traditionally been seen as preppy, and not really worn as an outerwear garment but a tie, goes to show how magnified the preppy nature has become in this style. The cut and rafting of this garment was made in a way that it's easygoing, simple, but still very appealing.

Professionalism at it's best

Meanwhile every other guy is wearing the traditional black jacket (not that there is anything wrong with that), not many can claim to be a multi-purpuose jacket the way the plaid pea coat can. It's length is truly amazing, not too long, not too short. Professionalism + Style = WIN!
Looking for a ay to make a splash in the cold and be cool and professional. Embrace plaid, and simply be satisfied!
NOTE: This is in no way disregarding the other pea coat styles but for the moment, plaid is professional and cool.

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